Start A Dog Daycare

There is a need to start a dog daycare.  In today’s economic times people are working longer hours and more days to make ends meet.  There is a price to pay for this.  One of them is less family time … which includes their dogs.  Instead of leaving their dogs at home by themselves for 10-12 hours per day, they are turning to pet sitting and doggie daycare.

Do you want to start a dog daycare business?  Dog daycare is a booming pet business in many cities throughout the USA.  There is money to be made; but I believe there is a great deal of start-up money that is needed before one become profitable.

Here are the keys to starting a dog daycare business.

  1. You have to have money to rent or lease a building.  I don’t believe a doggie daycare is something you can start in your back yard.  You have to have shelter and you have to have a place to separate smaller dogs from bigger dogs.
  2. You need to be in a good location.  It is going to cost you sales if people have to drive across to town to drop their dog.  It would be great if it was in a shopping district or in an area where people work.  I do see doggie daycare businesses that thrive in industrial parks.
  3. You have to have knowledge of dog behaviors and temperaments.  Sure you can get some things out of books.  They have books and programs available for dog daycare start-ups that discuss this; but, there is no substitute for someone that can work with you that already has a great deal of knowledge regarding this.
  4. Having insurance is a must.  Be prepared to pay a premium for to start a dog daycare business.  You can’t get past the daily news without hearing of someone being bitten by a dog.  Again, premiums may be reduced if you have an experienced dog trainer/behaviorist on site.
  5. You have to be prepared to work long hours … from early in the morning until late in the evening.  Why?  People drop their dogs off on the way to work and pick them up on their way home.
  6. Be prepared for the keeping employees hired merry go round.  It is hard to find people in the USA that want to work these days.  They want to make money for showing up.  Gone is the day when most people take pride in the work they do.  Remember #5 above?  Be prepared to be the one that has to suffer the consequences of employees quitting or not showing up for work.

You cannot be an absentee owner and start a dog daycare business.  At least not until you find someone you can truly depend on.  If you still are very interested in the doggie daycare business, go visit one.   Take your dog.  Scrutinize and review everything.

There are some good materials available on  How To Start a Dog Daycare Business.  Purchase them and study.  The money invested to really decide if this is right for you is a small price to pay.  There are other dog businesses you can enter if you really want to work with dogs such as dog walking, electronic fence business, dog training.    Good luck!